Monday, April 13, 2015 by Trayce Stewart

All Three Brains

Second Chance Christian Church

A few weeks ago I started reading The Other 90%, sadly, I’m only on chapter 2 today. Maybe it’s procrastination, maybe I’ve been working. In any case, I learned something new. As humans we don’t have one brain, but we have three. According to modern science (at least at the time this book was written) we have the brain in the gut, the brain in the heart and the brain in the head. It is only when we use all three brains equally that we are our true and most authentic selves. For me this is hard. Formal schooling and several degrees have place a high importance on using your traditional brain and allowing it to make key decisions. But if I pause to evaluate this principle I would have to quit ministry and Second Chance.

You see, looking at this from my brain (in the head) starting a new church makes absolutely no good sense. I mean, there is  a church on every corner. Statistics prove that fewer people go to church today than they did 25 years ago. Society is polytheistic and swinging toward spirituality-not church. These are things I know and read. They stick with me intellectually as I plan and pray. Cooper writes: “Whenever you over-rely on your brain in the head, needless extra struggles appear…the intellect exists primarily as an act of convenience. It can conjure up all kinds of ideologies, philosophies, theories, admonitions, principles and beliefs…but they don’t amount to much by themselves. We have to feel what matters in order to live or lead.

Looking at Second Chance from my brain in the head I can’t justify why we are doing this or why we are investing so much time and resources into this project. But my brain in my heart and gut know exactly why we are doing this. Because people matter and need a second chance. It sounds odd, but I really truly believe that if we (read: the Church and church folks) gave everyone a second chance there’s no social ill we couldn’t fix. With a second chance we see all of God’s children as beloved and vital to our own thriving. We would be vulnerable to love and be loved. We would dare to take God at God’s word to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly, because we’re all in this together.

There are days that the brain in my head wins the argument, but other days-today included-I’m working with all three brains and seeing the impossible.

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