Wednesday, March 4, 2015 by Trayce Stewart

Baby Steps

Second Chance Christian Church

Have you ever sat and watched a butterfly struggle its way from a cocoon? Have you ever sat and watched a sunset (or sunrise) from start to finish? I haven’t! I am not a patient person. Waiting and slow moving trains or processes are some of the hardest things for me to endure. I want to see change; in fact, I expect to see and see it occur quickly. Up until this journey of church planting, I was used to seeing results happen fairly quickly. I moved up the ladder in my jobs, results were always favorable, I was always at the top-and then ministry happened. On more than one occasion I have sat alone and wondered what on earth I was doing planting a church. Clearly I had overheard God talking to someone else when I volunteered myself for the job. That’s why the process was so painstakingly slow; or so I reasoned.

Scripture talks at length about the importance of patience and I could quote several of them at length. But the reality is, it’s still hard. There is no magic formula or twelve step program for improving your patience (I checked). And what’s even harder is waiting for God to do the things that only God can do. Even with an amazing launch team that keep growing and taking on added jobs, we can only move at the pace God allows.

More than a year into the process we have had challenges, setbacks and detours. Everything has been baby steps. It’s hard learning to walk but it’s a necessary step if you ever want to run. We are gaining momentum and looking forward to an amazing spring and summer with the launch of bible study and worship. The baby steps have taught me a lot, and I’m sure they’re not over.

I encourage you to begin taking baby steps in your own life. What is God calling you to do? Where are you being led to go? Remember, even baby steps are progress!

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