Sunday, January 17, 2016 by Trayce Stewart

Balm in Northland?

Second Chance Christian Church

Life is full of questions, many of which have no good answers. I question why babies are born with defects that hinder the abundant life promised to each of us. I question why the wicked always seem to prosper in this life above those who are trying to live faithfully. I question how someone pulls the trigger of a gun and watches another person bleed out in front of them. As a pastor who is well versed in the bible there is little comfort in the rote answer that God's ways are not our ways.

Just last weekend I gathered with the principal of Northland High School for prayer after the community mourned the death of its third high school student this school year, all whom were on the receiving end of a bullet. A few days I received an article about a family who was gunned down in their home. My question now is when is enough enough.

Too many lives are being cut short before they ever experience their first kiss, go to prom or figure out what they want tone when they grow up. It's happening across all fifty states in rural towns and urban metropolises. All of them are sad but my heart especially hurts for those in the area I live, work and regularly pray for. This is Second Chance's community. These are our future leaders. These are our neighbors who will never experience what we have to offer and we will never receive what they had to offer for us.

My sincere condolences and prayers are offered for the latest victims of tragedy and the community left to grieve and question. Where is the balm in Northland?


...for the original article regarding the home shooting, please click here.


-Pastor T

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