Tuesday, February 9, 2016 by Trayce Stewart

Bless Me Indeed

Second Chance Christian Church

I remember being younger and my mother would help me write my Christmas list which would be sent to the North Pole for Santa. Every year for years I received everything I asked for. Eventually I stopped believing in Santa and stopped making lists. I wanted whatever I was given and I accepted those gifts with great joy because they were given out of love.

I think many of us view blessings the same way. We don't ask for the things we really want. Maybe we don't think we deserve them, maybe God doesn't have the ability to produce, maybe we've exhausted our reserve blessings for some "sin" we've committed. Whatever the case, too many of us are living ordinary lives instead of the blessing filled lives we deserve.

There's an old song that talks about "it's not my mother not my father...but it's me Oh Lord". Now while the song is talking about being in need of prayer, the same holds true for our blessings. Jabez didn't ask God to bless anyone else. But his prayer was that God would bless him indeed. James wanted God to impart supernatural favor. He wanted God to do for him what he couldn't do for himself.

I'm taking a page from Jabez's book. I want all that God has for me, every bit of it. So maybe its selfish to some, but it worked for Jabez. So I say, "oh Lord, bless me indeed".

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