Tuesday, September 22, 2015 by Trayce Stewart

Happy Hour

Second Chance Christian Church

In a conversation with my grandmother earlier this week I told her Second Chance was going to beginning our Fourth Friday gatherings this week. I was kind of nervous to tell her what it was all about and where we were going to be meeting. You see our gathering is going to take place at a local bar during happy hour. Of course there's no pressure for anyone to drink but it also will not be frowned upon. When I look at the life of Jesus I don't see him imploring this lifestyle of being too good for people. I admire the young adult Savior who hung out with the real folks; the ones who didn't have it all together and liked to fight, drink, steal and sleep around. This is life, at least for me. I won't apologize for where we meet or how we do ministry. We have a desire to build authentic relationships and walk alongside of people through every phase of their life. There will be no formal setup or format to our time together but we will keep it real. So if you've had a long week at work, just need to grab a drink or have always wanted to ask a pastor a burning question, we want you. We're not looking for you to become a member or make any kind of commitment to Second Chance; we truly value relationships. So this is my invitation to you to come, have a drink or bite of food and just unwind with some really super cool people.


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