Wednesday, February 17, 2016 by Trayce Stewart

Lord Be With Me

Second Chance Christian Church

Some years ago Destiny’s Child came out with the hit song Independent Women, Part 1. Young girls and women were claiming their independence and the fact that they didn’t need anyone else to finance them or take care of them. Since then there has been this huge push for independence. Nothing wrong with it, but following God’s will and truly praying for more blessings and territory can’t hold up to the independent movement. Trust me, I’ve tried. In my thirty-one years of life I’ve tried some pretty big things and I would venture to say that each time I’ve done it alone, failure has been inevitable. People weren’t made to go this journey alone. In fact, the more impossible a situation seems the more you need someone-especially God to step in and intervene.

The third part of Jabez’s prayer was that God’s hand would be with him. Throughout scripture the reference to God’s hand was a call for God’s power and divine presence to accompany a person to do the unlikely and impossible. In fact, living and praying the prayer of Jabez is about attempting something too large that without God, it truly is impossible. With God all things become possible.

I need to sit and wrestle with this a little today. I know the plans the leadership team has laid out for the first quarter and ultimately where we’re headed for 2016, but how do we take those plans and believe God for more? What, if anything is so impossible for us, that if we don’t collectively pray for God’s hand to be with us it would fail? What would that look like in your own life??

We’ve come too far on this journey with Jabez to stop now. With our greater comes a need for more God. Continue praying with me in this season for more and greater!

-Pastor T.

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