Wednesday, February 10, 2016 by Trayce Stewart

Not This Lent

Second Chance Christian Church

It seems that more increasingly I spend a lot of time writing articles that have to clarify the true intentions of the Church and sadly, this one is no different.

Most people have heard about Lent or at least seen people walking around with ashes smudged on their foreheads on Ash Wednesday. Christians enter this “holy season” vowing to give up sweets, smoking, cussing, alcohol and all things they have deemed as unhealthy or spiritually wrong. This one day-Ash Wednesday-is treated like a light switch that is turned on and then things are magically illuminated and lifestyles are temporarily changed to varying degrees of success. And yet twenty-four hours prior these same Christians are overindulging to get their fix so they can go without for the next forty days.

Taking the often misquoted phrase from the movie Apollo 13- “Houston, we have a problem”.

This is not what Lent is about. This isn’t even what true faith and Christianity are about. There is no magical day where we try to outdo ourselves. There is no specific season where we are called to live better than others. Instead, Lent is truly about making that slow journey to the cross with Jesus. We fast forward thirty years after the birth of Jesus and we, like him, turn our face to Jerusalem (see the Gospel according to Luke, chapter 9). We recommit to following Jesus because we call ourselves Disciples of Christ. So we make the choice to engage in the principles that Jesus talked about-loving our neighbor, praying, serving and committing to following God’s will. That’s it in a nutshell. You can fast and abstain from worldly things if it helps you reconnect with God or you feel called to do so. But if nothing else, make sure you spend time developing your relationship with God. I happen to know a great place where you can do that and it’s called Second Chance.

You are invited to get connected to one of our small groups and take the journey of growing deeper in your faith and living it out every day. Jesus’ life can be summed up by walking with him during Lent; it’s the passion, death and resurrection. During this Lenten journey you are encouraged to seek your destiny and discover your path.

This year Second Chance will be offering an Ash & Dash drive through station so you can receive the mark of the cross on your forehead, a prayer and resources to help you this Lenten season. We will be at Karl Road Christian Church located at 5400 Karl Road in Columbus, Ohio from 8-10 AM and 12-2 PM.

Remember, the journey of a thousand miles-even to the cross-begins with a single step!

-Pastor Trayce

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