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The Journey of Church Planting #2

Values Discovery Process: December 8, 2014

One week into this journey of spiritual direction and growth I've finished Values-Driven Leadership by Aubrey Malphurs. I’ve looked over the original values that were laid out for Second Chance and sure enough those ideas and values have developed into something more. Rather than just listing traditional values for any community of faith, I prayed and asked what do people need today that is truly part of the DNA of Second Chance. Malphurs talked a lot about DNA. We know that in science deoxyribonucleic acid is the blueprint for an organism. It dictates not only what the organism will be but plays a large part in what it will become as it takes shape and grows. Well the DNA of an organization is just as important; it is our genetic makeup. The DNA for churches contains four vital pieces of information: core values, mission, vision and strategy. Malphurs then goes on to explain how our written values should contain three components: an introduction, an explanation and a scriptural validation (this may be outright stated or simply implied from the Scriptures). It is my sincere hope that these written values will move from just being words on paper and screen into who we are and how we live as a community together.

For now I will only list the core values for Second Chance: faithful service, ongoing prayer, powerful worship, unselfish giving, a philosophy of grace, authentic community and making new disciples. I invite you to pray about what these mean to you and how important they are to your understanding of faith and community. As members of the launch team I am asking each of you to become values casters. Each of you is a leader with the ability to ignite passion and spark hope in others. Together we will develop the message we want to portray to Columbus about Second Chance.

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