Wednesday, December 3, 2014 by Trayce Stewart

The Journey of Church Planting

Entry 1: Values-Discovery Process

While this process began long before this first post, this is a good time to begin writing. The journey to launching worship at Second Chance Christian Church has had many detours, dead ends, and roadblocks but just as many triumphs, joys and successes. The next six weeks are in intentional time for me, as the planter, to reflect on where we’ve been and get excited about where we’re headed.

Some of you may know that recently two of our core group members said goodbye to pursue other options. Although I saw it coming it still took me by surprise. I questioned what I had done wrong and how I failed to fully integrate them in the process. Today I began reading Values-Driven Leadership by Aubrey Malphurs. The book is really about finding the core values and beliefs that drive our vision for ministry and personal identity. He goes on to discuss how one of the biggest reasons people leave a ministry is that they do not share enough core values with either the pastor or the organization. “Shaping robust beliefs is preeminently the responsibility of the point person.” As the one called to lead a new church God has given me a picture of what the future of Second Chance will look like, and the values that will undergird the fulfillment of that vision. My personal values will inevitably become the core beliefs for Second Chance.

I fully admit that although the church’s launch plan has six core values listed, I have not done a good job of regularly articulating those values and how they connect to everything we are doing and planning. While those original six beliefs (evangelism, instruction, fellowship, worship, service and transformational growth) are still important, they may not be the most essential values we hold as a ministry to propel us into the future. In reshaping the core group into a launch team, and expanding membership, I must get clarity around what we believe and find a team that is passionate about the same things. Loyalty to a person doesn’t build a faithful church; commitment to the vision and the One who gave it does.

There’s a strong possibility that our first meeting of the new year (January 26th) will be all about values. We may explore the church in Acts to see what that valued. We may look closely at what Jesus taught was important to his Father? We will look at what we as individuals hold to be non-negotiables and if those line up to what Second Chance Christian Church is about. Let’s write a new chapter and do what others say can’t be done. Let’s make new Disciples for Christ built upon authentic relationships and sound shared values.

Prayer: Lord, leading up to our next meeting, grant us clarity over the vision you have given to this new and unique community of faith. May we discover our personal and shared values which will allow us to lead from our passions and grow new disciples. Reveal to us our core values that will direct our path and point to our vision. In Christ’s name, Amen.

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