Saturday, August 8, 2015 by Trayce Stewart

The Underdog

Second Chance Christian Church

I just finished reading the book The Sending Church by Pat Hood. While the book was much different than I anticipated, I decided I should finish a book! One thing that resonated deeply for me was the concept of the underdog. Hood writes “A great underdog story gives hope to all of us. Why? Because most of us are average people, with average abilities, living average lives. Everyone loves to cheer for the underdog. We love to see the little guy overcome the odds and beat up the bully.”

I would guess that all of us have been the underdog at some point in our lives. Maybe it was in sports, academics, work or even our choice of pursuing the man/woman out of our league. No one thought we would be able to do it. Everyone said it was impossible. And the truth is, there was a part of us that believed it too. Despite the fear and doubt we possessed, we decided to give it everything we had and the results surprised everyone, ourselves included.

Today as I look at this long journey of planting a church I can say unequivocally that I’ve never felt more like an underdog. There are kinds of people saying it can’t be done and they have some pretty convincing arguments. Truth be told, there are days I think they’re right. But then I think about all the people who have been told no or that they couldn’t do something and decided they had a point to prove. I have a point to prove and the point really isn’t about me. Heck, I have no idea how Second Chance is going to look in a year or even six months from now. But I do know that God is faithful and has a heart for seeing people’s lives transformed and souls saved for eternity. God has a purpose for the church and the gates of Hell can’t win against it. So I fully believe that as long as we are faithful as a community of faith, God will get the glory and we’ll keep giving people hope and a second chance encounter with the Church. So, we may be an underdog but we serve an incredible God. That’s the beginning and end of the story. Everything in the middle is just the details.

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