Tuesday, January 27, 2015 by Trayce Stewart

What on earth am I here for?

Last month I was accepted into the 2015-2016 class for the DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative. The program focus is to strengthen individuals who are engaged in youth and young adult ministry in some form. This new class that I am a part of contains 12 other individuals ranging from a man wan who prayed "Lord God" 74 times in one prayer (no exaggeration) to a woman who runs a church based preschool. There were many reasons I applied for this program but most importantly I believe these two groups are vital to the success of the church (and The Church) but are generally not well received by the majority of older church people. Anything I can do to strengthen my
leadership to be a more effective pastor and coach should be explored and invested in. While I have no idea how I will gel with the rest of the group the assignments for the opening session have been meaningful as I reflect on my personal mission for life.

In his book What Color is Your Parachute Richard Bolles outlines his understanding of every person's mission. Every person has a three part reason for existing
1. To enjoy God and see Him at work in all things at all times
2. To make the world a better place
3. To exercise their unique talents for the purpose that God needs done the most wherever He has need of us.

On this journey of church planting I have been so focused on trying to build a successful church that I've neglected who I have been uniquely created to be. The best way I can sum up my mission and call to ministry is by saying I am here to foster authentic relationships and community through somatic, spiritual and social activities to give people a second chance and be their unique selves for God's glory and the advancement of humanity.

It is my personal mission statement and conviction that initially led me to accept a call to become a new church planter and that which I must continue to foster. It is my sincere hope that Second Chance will be a place where people can safely explore their passions and purpose to discover what on earth they are here for.

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