Friday, June 5, 2015 by Trayce Stewart

Who Are You When No One Is Looking?

Second Chance Christian Church

Recently I was talking with someone about my chosen profession and calling. I made a statement about how I’m really an introvert and also afraid of public speaking. To her, it didn’t make any sense because she has heard me preach and seen how I engage with people when I’m “on the clock”. I began wondering if I was being authentic to myself and then wondered the same about the people I encounter. Who are we when no one is looking?

Too many people are trying to live in someone else’s skin. When we wake up in the morning and walk out the door we make sure we are fully prepared, which all too often also means putting on a façade or mask. We try to fit the molds others have established for us and never really start living. Why spend your entire life being someone you’re not? Life is too difficult and short to worry about pleasing other people.

At Second Chance we have been talking about what does it really mean to give a second chance. We’ve unanimously agreed that it means allowing people to be who they were uniquely shaped and fashioned to be. When we say come as you are, we truly mean it. If you’re broken, there’s room. Questioning your sexuality, come on. So you’ve had an abortion, voted republican, lied, stolen, etc-we really do want you. And no our goal isn’t to change you or make you into a perfect disciple. We want you to live into your best possible life. Lay down your mask, drop other’s expectations and be you! There’s room for you here and in the Church!

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