Questions of the Soul


On the third Tuesday of every month we will hold Questions of the Soul, our version of bible study. Some of you may know that some churches are not welcoming of questions, especially real life issues that fall into the grey area. If we can't find Jesus' words printed in red letters we stutter and stumble. Unfortunately though, most of life falls somewhere between the black and white and we are left with questions. Questions that really matter. Questions that we desperately want and need answers too.

Well, Second Chance may be the place for you. We will gather at Donato's pizza at 7:00 PM for a one hour discussion and service around hot topics and edgy ideas. But be warned. This is NOT your grandmother's bible study.

Our next conversation will be held during the month of October with a question soon to be announced.


Donato's Pizza is located at 1891 Tamarack Circle North, Columbus, Ohio 43229. Please note this location change.

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