Connecting Through Worship

Worship has meant a lot of different things to people over the years. Some see worship as the corporate gathering of Christians and Seekers to sing, pray and take communion while for others it's the act of giving thanks to God for the great things God has done. At Second Chance Christian Church it means all of that and so much more. 

Although we haven't launched public worship yet (it's coming this September!) we are committed to worship in many forms. You can regularly check this page to see what events Second Chance is hosting as well as where Pastor Trayce is preaching.


Upcoming Events

In honor of Ash Wednesday, we will be trying something new called Ash & Dash at two local sites on February 10th. This will be an easy way for community residents to drive up to a location, receive their ashes on the forehead along with a quick prayer and then continue on their way. We are still negotiating our two sites and will have full details soon.


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