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Second Chance Christian Church (SCCC) exists to do just what it name implies, give people a second chance at life and the abundance God has promised to each person regardless of race, class, education, mistakes or beliefs. Stated more simply, it is our mission to unite God’s children and restore them into healthy relationships with God and neighbor by extending a second chance. Our goal is to reach out individuals, families and other entities who are un-churched/de-churched/marginalized/forgotten because we accept the challenge of the great commission found in scripture. We are trying to bring individuals into a consistent relationship with other believers to strengthen each other’s witness while connecting them to the larger mission of the Kingdom. We are trying to recreate the land of Canaan, a land flowing with milk and honey and all the resources needed for thriving. When we live up to that standard we will more closely resemble what Christ meant for us to be and reflect. Therefore, the vision of SCCC is this: we will embody the full gospel by acknowledging our wrongs and inadequacies and then allowing God to transform our brokenness into radically welcoming forgiveness. We will accomplish our mission and vision by focusing on these areas which will also be our core values: faithful service, ongoing prayer, powerful worship, unselfish giving, a philosophy of grace, authentic community and making new disciples.

SCCC breaks and overturns stereotypes and statistics to do what families won’t, schools don’t and the streets can’t-giving second chances. While we want our church membership to grow, I believe it is more important to make disciples. These disciples do not only confess to have a relationship with our risen Savior, but are in tangible ways walking out that confession. And as the numbers of those disciples grow, people would have hope restored in a just word, begin to trust institutions again and would naturally want to be connected to a movement for wholeness in the fragmented world they encounter in their day to day lives. We will conduct ourselves as a large family unit from the onset, and not as a social club as some churches do (for good or for ill). We will strive to be a part of the community and the community an extension of the church. We would be vital to the survival and influence of the community, not just another church in the community. We will be THE church of the city.


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