Second Chance Wish List


As a new community of faith there are many needs we have as we seek to share a second chance with the community. Recently some of our friends from around the region have asked what exactly do we need. Well, the leadership team of Second Chance sat down and compiled a "dream list" of all it would take to live into our mission sharing God's extravagant love and extraordinary grace. For a downloadable PDF format of the list, please click here

If you are interested in sponsoring one of the featured items please contact either Pastor Trayce via email at or speak with Dr. William Edwards in at the Regional Church Office. Remember, no gift is too small!!


Second Chance Dream List & Registry

  • Projector: will be used to project PowerPoint and videos during worship and other gatherings to enhance learnings and the experience. NOTE-3000 Lumen or brighter. While this is not the top of line it is in the middle which still provides crisp pictures and is portable to allow us to move easily. Epson - EX3240 SVGA 3LCD Projector $399.99
  • Printer: we anticipate printing 500 flyers which will be distributed in our target area to advertise upcoming events. We will also need to print prayer cards as we will have three prayer boxes around the community. NOTE-color laser printer; Xerox solid ink color laser. Xerox is a reliable brand that has been recommended. Xerox model Phaser 6600 begins at $449

o   Toner and ink: $249

o   Maintenance: $239

  • Portable screen: some locations we hold our gatherings does not have the space to project images, videos, PowerPoint, etc on walls so we will need a screen that expands to a decent size so there is only a need for one screen. NOTE-Elite Screens F80NWX ezCinema Portable Floor Set Manual Projection Screen (80" 16:10 Aspect Ratio) (MaxWhite) $232.99 or Elite Screens T120NWV1 Portable Tripod Projector Screen $189.99 (both available at Office Max)
  • Sound system: we are currently using multiple public places (both indoor and outdoor) and need a way to project sound for praise and worship, bible study, sermons and other events. One of the major needs is for it to be portable. NOTE-Prefernce is Bose sound board/PA system with 8-12 channels. While Bose is more expensive than some brands they come with a minimum 10 year warranty. Bose also makes all of their equipment expandable which means as our needs change we will not have to throw away the older system but can just additional pieces as needed. Second Choice: Yamaha MG166CX-USB / Harbinger APS15 PA Package $849.99 at Guitar Center (this would also take care of speakers)
  • Laptop: this will be used to play videos, upload Work of the People, stream worship services/sermons, play PowerPoint etc at our community gatherings. This will not be used for personal use but is solely for ministry needs. NOTE-MacBook Air-13 inch $999 for current model
  • Video Camera: currently we were using a tablet to live stream Pastor Trayce's sermons but there is a desire to improve the quality of those videos by upgrading our equipment. If the camera does still shots and video we can also use the camera function to increase our uploads to various social media sites. Panasonic HC-V750 with wifi $549. Still shot camera Panasonic Slim Camera with Built-in Wi-Fi: DMC-SZ10 $199
  • Printing paper: distribution of flyers and newsletters, white and colors. Case of white paper $31.99 by Hammermill at Staples. Color is $9.49 per pack
  • Cardstock: when we leave flyers on cars or print door hangers it would be better to have them on something heavier than copier paper so it stands up to the elements. White and colors needed. NOTE-65 lb-$16.99 per pack at Staples
  • Arts, crafts and children’s supplies: to be used mainly during children's activities. NOTE: construction paper, white boards, air dry clay, chenille stems, toothpicks, craft/popsicle sticks, polymer clay, clay, string, straws, pony beads, wood beads, fishing line, ink pad, sponge(s), rubber stamps, glitter, pom poms, feathers, cotton balls, googly eyes, craft foam, sequins, white glue, glue stick, Mod Podge, fabric glue, fabric markers, wood glue, scissors, paint (tempora/finger), paintbrushes, foam brushes, easels, hole punch, rulers, wire clippers, copy paper, tag board/card stock, manila drawing paper, story writing paper, notebooks, colored tissue paper, coffee filters, paper towels, baby wipes, clear contact paper, rolls of white paper (i.e. butcher paper, wrapping paper), brown paper bags, crepe paper, bleeding tissue paper, hand sanitizer, child size chairs, child size tables, locking supply cabinets, book shelves, open shelves for supplies, art supply shelves, bulletin boards, crayons (class pack), multicultural crayons (class pack), washable markers(class pack), multicultural markers (class pack), permanent markers, dry erase markers, colored pencils, pencils with erasers(primary and #2), electric pencil sharpener, erasers, stapler, staples, masking tape, scotch tape, duct tape(primary colors and pattern), Parachute, Rubber Balls, Puzzles, Musical Instruments (kid size), Manipulates  (blocks cubes), Storage bins, water table. This could also be donated in the form of gift cards to JoAnn Fabric.
  • Television & DVD Player: Sole purpose is for educational and biblical programming that coincides with the lesson for that day. NOTE: TV-Westinghouse 48" Class (47.6" Diag.) - LED - 1080p – HDTV $329 at Best Buy. DVD Player-QFX Digital Multimedia Player, $26.17 at Wal-Mart. If there is a tv-dvd combo that would work as well.

o   Veggie Tales DVDs series: Merry Larry and the True Meaning of Christmas $299

o   Veggie Tales Noah’s ark set $299

o   Twas the Night Before Easter $299

o   Values to Grow By $155.99

o   OR VeggieTales DVD Library - The Complete Collection which includes all the above except Noah’s ark set $492

o   all available online at

  • 4 sets of Headphones: to be with the laptops. MQbix 2-In-1 Combo Pack EarFoam Plus High-Performance In-Ear Earphones with Built-In Microphone and Deep Bass Stereo Headphones $14.98 at Wal-Mart
  • Bibles: 20 NIV or CEV bibles for adults and 20 bibles for youth
  • 4 Laptops: These will mainly be used for youth/children’s activities that reinforce lessons taught in their group times, assists with homework during study table for older youth and occasionally for event signup/evaluation following programs. Acer 11.6" CB3-111-C670 Chromebook $164.89 at Wal-Mart
  • Musical keyboard: while many musicians have their own musical equipment we will at times be using high school students who do not have their own. The keyboard will be used mainly during worship but it can also be used during youth activities and dance events. NOTE-Roland or Yamaha brand. P-115 88 digital keyboard $599.99 at Sam Ash
  • Electric drum set: we are leaning toward an electric set because it is much more portable. Yamaha DTX522K Electronic Drum Set  $999 Roland TD-11K-S V-Compact Series Electronic V-Drum Kit  $999 both at Guitar Center
  • Speakers: to amplify sound at gatherings. Should be able to b used both inside (worship, bible study, etc) and outside (concerts, festivals). Bose L1 works with all Bose sound systems. $995 each or 2 Yamaha A12M 12" 2-Way Floor Monitor $239 each at Guitar Center
  • Amp: Yamaha P3500S Dual Channel Power Amp $529.99 at Guitar Center
  • Mobile Internet System: this system will be mobile and able to travel with us wherever our programs and worship services are held. NOTE-Karma Go $149 (
  • Microphones: to amplify sound at gatherings. Should be able to be used both inside (worship, bible study, etc) and outside (concerts, festivals). Would need a minimum of 6 (musician, four praise team members, and one lavalier for pastor). NOTE: VocoPro UHF-8800 8-Channel Wireless Microphone System $499 at Guitar Center.
  • Sharefaith subscription: platform that maintains and creates cutting edge media and technology resources that equips the entire ministry team to serve and teach with excellence. NOTE-$588 per year
  • Staples gift cards: if there are special flyers we need designed that we do not have the capability to do or printing in mass numbers for larger advertising campaigns Staples has the capability to do this. We know we anticipate our Cheetah track team and four quarterly town hall meetings to be widely advertised beyond what one printer can handle.
  • Customized pens: writing pens with our logo and contact info to be passed out at select community events as well as welcome bags for visitors
  • Storage Containers: since we will be a church with multiple locations for the first few years we will need easy ways to store and transport items for our various activities. Various sizes and prices available at Lowe’s.
  • Candy: children's group and welcome packets
  • Snacks: the hope is to have healthy snacks available during activities and gatherings for our children and youth
  • Kroger or other grocery store gift cards: in our target area there are only two "family restaurants" (Red Lobster and Chipotle) in our target area. We want to host a community meal once a month for a small fee (to help offset this outreach and move toward self sufficiency). The gift cards will be used to help us purchase needed items for each meal or for snacks during youth meetings.
  • Donato's Pizza gift cards: currently we meet at Donato's twice a month for our small group, Questions of the Soul. This is a blend of life group models and bible study which has a growing population of people seeking ways to get connected to a community of faith without coming in through the traditional worship services. We end with communion which is used with pizza, wings and other menu items. Because we are trying to grow community and model a philosophy of sharing resources we don't allow visitors to pay for the meal because it is an invitation to the table-it's what we offer to the world. On average each gathering has been $40 for an average of 10 people.
  • Hootsuite subscription: Hootsuite is a social media ap that links multiple social accounts together. NOTE-$119.88 per year
  • Balloons (especially lime green, black and white): used to identify where Second Chance is meeting in a particular location. Lime/kiwi green, black and white are our church colors. $8.99 for 72 pack. 

o   Ribbon spool $2.99 per spool 

  • Helium tanks. $59.99 each at Party Center
  • Road flags: used for directional signage and advertisement
  • Banners: to be used both inside and outside of locations for celebrations, announcements, liturgical seasons, etc.
  • Portable collapsible communion table: because we are a church with no building and permanent location we need something that is portable. Although we are a new church we still hold the table and its meaning to be central to who we are. (Jim Banner)
  • Chalice and patent: used for communion. Disciples chalice set $54.95 and etched glass and ceramic chalice (sand color) $47.95 both from Cokesbury
  • Music Resource Books: Africana Worship Books (Years A, B and C) approximately $20 on Amazon; Chalice Hymnals and Chalice Praise. (5 copies of each-one for musician and four for praise team members)
  • Music stands: to be used by the praise team NOTE: Musician's Gear Deluxe Music Stand 6-Pack at Guitar Center $149.99
  • Microphone stands: On-Stage Stands 6 Mic Stand Package $129.99 at Guitar Center
  • Soil: part of our target area is in a food desert so there is a need to bring healthy and fresh options to this area. We are planning to build a community garden in partnership with a senior development. The soil, seeds, lumber, rain barrel and water jugs are all used for the construction and maintenance of the community garden.
  • Lumber boards (1x10 or 1x6) and (4x4 for corner posts): intended for the construction of garden beds. 
  • Rain barrel
  • Seeds: beans, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, peas, lettuce, broccoli, collards and onions would all do well here in central Ohio
  • Water jugs


  • Connections to: musicians, poets, artists and chefs


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